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Automatically backup YouTube Videos I don't want to lose to my Google Drive, using a Raspberry Pi

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a head full of software engineering byTimo Mämecke
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Blogging like Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is well-known for blogging a mind-boggling amout of posts on CSS-Tricks (which is now owned by DigitalOcean). But I'm not going to talk about his stuff on CSS-Tricks, but instead about his personal blog chriscoyier.net.

Chris' blog feels like a stream of consciousness. It's just what he's thinking about at the moment, without any deeper meaning or learning. And yet, those thoughts are still interesting and fun to read. Annoyed at System Fonts in macOS? Just blog about it. Orange favicons work great for light and dark themes? Why not write down that thought, then notice that Safari is weird, and end it with "Time for a nap". It's refreshing to see someone share their half-baked ideas without feeling the need to make a grand conclusion or provide a takeaway for the reader. You can just end your post if you don't know what else to write.

It feels like a conversation with a friend. Sometimes you just want to talk about something that's been on your mind without worrying about whether it's profound or even fully formed. It's totally normal in a conversation to suddenly end your thought mid-sentence with a big ol' shrug. And that's what his blog feels like to me.

Maybe we sometimes try too hard to offer some kind of education or to present ourselves as experts? At least I sometimes feel that way. But I don't think that's necessary. It's nice to take a break from expert content and just read something that's relatable and human.

Chris has definitely inspired me to post more half-baked thoughts. And to not think about words and sentences and publishing too much. Just write it down, press the big button, and continue with your day.

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Two weeks with the Aeron Chair