Do you remember when I told you the story how I developed this blog using Next.js, getStaticProps and Incremental Static Regeneration? Well, we've got some new features in Next.js, which we'll explore here. This is the story of migrating to a new very much still experimental feature.

There's a high chance that your .gitignore file includes a bunch of stuff. And in my opinion, it's too much stuff. Do you have macOS specific files or project configuration from your favorite editor in your gitignore? Let me explain you how to remove this from all of your gitignores.

I've always found Productivity Apps ✨ cool ✨. Nice-looking Apps for Todos and Notes, as a single source of truth for everything going on in my life. But I learned that I don't work like that. Those Apps always felt wrong. I'm very organized without them. For some reason, I'm still envious of people when they show how they use some App to organize their life, but I don't try them out anymore.

Of Enums and Booleans

In programming, we often deal with things being in a state. Users being verified, Modals being open, Posts being published. Naive solutions often use booleans which can cause impossible state combinations. You might have heard of enums, but how do you recognize quickly that something should rather be an enum?

After I published my site last week, there was a Service Worker still lingering around, and funnily enough it caused that the site wasn't published at all, when you've visited it before. Kinda scary, kinda annoying, but this is how I solved that issue with some vanilla JavaScript. 🍦

Mastering git rebase --onto

git rebase --onto is one of my absolute favorite git features. I don't use it every day, but when I use it, it's super helpful. For all those situations where you branched off a branch before it got merged, and then you need to rebase your branch onto main without handling dozens of conflicts.

How to Build a Blog

When I was a teen, I learned how to build WordPress themes. During holidays or when school was out, I vividly remember how I sometimes sat in front of my computer for a few days and nights, and created new themes for my blog. Of course I had no blog, but having one was a cool thought. But this stuck to me, and I was really never happy with how my blogs work. Until now!