There are some really good and well produced concerts on arte Concert. In the past weeks, I'm totally obsessed with this live session from Kid Francescoli. It's not only chill music, but also visually very appealing. The setting on a boat makes for some really cool camera shots. Due to the lack of an audience, it has kind of a lonely undertone to it.

Still frame from the video, a scene on the deck of a boat with multiple keyboards with Kid Francescoli standing between them, and singer Andréa Durand in the front

There's a version on YouTube which cannot be embedded. 🙃 Or alternatively on the Arte Mediathek

I only realized a few years ago that arte is actually kind of an interesting channel. When I was a teen and still watched a lot of TV, I thought that arte is just an artsy experimental TV station for snobs. It always felt odd when they were airing something appealing and interesting, because aren't they supposed to be weird? Maybe arte is still just an artsy channel for snobs, and I'm the one who became a snob?

Anyways, there are also sessions from Jungle, French 79, Loyle Carner and the Grandbrothers which I can recommend if you're interested in more.

I also watched this Live Show from the Parcels a few times in the past weeks. It's not from arte, but I thought I just mention it. I watched a lot of those live sessions while I'm coding in the past weeks. Don't know where that's coming from.